16 Effective Exercises To Improve Memory

Exercises to Boost Memory

The mind works when we do anything. It is just like a computer. Its works properly if it’s active or healthy. It is very vital to also consider your mental health, along with physical health.

Our brain gets weaker as our age increases, and we start forgetting things. According to various reports and researches, this memory loss increases day by day as we enter the era of technology. We Google anything but don’t use our minds for even little things.

It is crucial to keep your brain active and working. So here I present you with some exercises that boost your memory quickly.

1. Use Different Routes To Reach Any Destination

It is not easy to remember different routes at a time. If you use different routes, your mind gets involved more with your senses; using the same route is not right and makes your mind lazy and workless.

So try to reach your home in different ways as it is difficult to remember various routes and keeps your mind working and active.

2. Speak Loud

It is a widespread issue that we just read, listen, and do things. But remember it for short.

If you repeat things loud, you read or heard. It keeps last longer in your mind.

Scrabble game

3. Play Mind Games

Games are a great way to boost your memory as they keep your mind in use.

Word Chain

Word Chain is a game in which you can respond in a few seconds, and it also keeps your mind active. If you react fast, you have perfect focus, but you should need to improve your focus.


Word puzzles, riddle, crosswords, find words, and scrabble are great games for the mind’s well-being. It keeps your mind working so that you will increase your focus.

Play Indoor Games

Play brain-boosting games like chess, ludo, charades, monopoly. These games are really great to boost your focus and memory.

4. Grasp Musical Instruments

Musical scales are challenging to remember each scale, and every song has a different scale. So it is great if you grasp any musical instrument and you can easily commit to memory.

Musical instruments like guitar, piano help you boost your memory.

5. Involve yourself in physical activities

Involve yourself in sports that are useful for your mind and body. Sports may include yoga, running, tennis, and much more. These exercises are great to improve memory and keep you mentally and physically healthy and robust.

6. Grasp New Languages

It is very useful for keeping your memory sharp. Try to learn new languages as you learn and use your mind. It will remain active. So learning new languages leads you to a strong memory. So try to learn languages online.

draw route map

7. Make A Map Of Place You Visit

When you visit a new place or go out for an outing, make a map of where you visit the direction of the place you visit. It is an effortless way to know how sharp your memory is. So it is another to keep your mind working and helps in improving memory.

8. Try New Recipes Without Watching Video

When you try to cook, you recall your memory. You add oil, spices, and other ingredients. Try to cook new recipes and try to remember them in your mind. It is a straightforward recipe for housewives.

9. Close Your Eye While Washing Tasks

Try to do laundry, dishwashing, and bathing with closed eyes. This will also help you do tasks with the help of your senses like touching, hearing, etc.

Please don’t do such a task that can harm you.

Chinese Noodles

10. Use Chopsticks While Eating

Try to replace spoons with chopsticks as they increase your focus, and your mind remains active during eating. It is great to boost your memory.

11. Use Both Hands While Working

If you do all your works with your right hand, try to replace your hand means if you brush your teeth with your right hand, replace it with your left hand.

So try to use your other hand also while you are doing your task. If you are good at any work with your right, try to work with your left hand.

12. Explore New People

Try to link yourself with other peoples, share your idea, hear their thoughts, explore their personality, and improve memory.

If you connect yourself with others, you will explore a new problem, and your mind works faster. If you explore new places, people, spend time with your loved ones, or attend recent events that keep your mind stress free and active.

13. Do Calculation With Your Mind

Try to do a calculation with your mind. If it hard for you to do a total, take a pen or paper and do it with your mind instead of using a calculator. If you want to do it more interestingly, download math games and solve them. As your mind works, your memory gets better and sharper.

relax on beach

14. Remove Stress

Stress is the most common cause of memory loss and mental illness. So keep yourself away from stress try to involve yourself in physical activities like swimming, writing, reading, exercise, yoga, meditation; these all keep your mind strong. So be stress-free and be happy.

15. Try To Remember Numbers

Try to remember mobile numbers with the name of people. Instead of mobile, use your mind to remember numbers. It strengthens your mind and helps in improving your memory.

read books

16. Read With Disturbance

Listen to any audio when you are reading something. This way is also great for increasing your brain focus.

So these above ways are easy, and you can do them anytime and everywhere. Don’t forget science has made enough progress that now we have supplements containing mind-boosting ingredients that increase our mind functions. Promind Complex supplement is the one I recently reviewed. So, don’t forget to check it here.

I hope you will love my ideas and apply them in your life to improve memory.

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