Alzheimer’s Disease Causes And Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease is a developing form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that affects mental health. There are many symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, which are as follows:

  • Memory loss that one loss daily dates, events, peoples, etc
  • Forget to operate electronics or devices such as washing machine
  • Do not able to solve mathematical calculation
  • Forget spelling and vocabulary that might cause problem in reading or writing
  • Forgets dates, time, and events
  • Behave rudely
  • Increasing of anger
  • Keep away from outdoor activities
  • Want to expand time alone

When this symptom varies from person to person and as per Alzheimer’s stage, few symptoms get visible in the early stages, but as the stage increases, the symptoms get more visible and severe.

The main sign of Alzheimer’s is the existence of tangles that form in the brain. Another sign of Alzheimer’s is when there is no proper link between nerve cells in the brain.

The signs of Alzheimer’s take place in different places in the brain and damage it.

As the Alzheimer’s stage increases, the symptoms get worst and hard to handle. So, as you find the above symptoms consult your doctor as much early as possible.

According to research, Alzheimer’s is on the sixth number for taking lives.

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Who At The Risk Of Alzheimer’s?

The age factor is really matters in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. But Alzheimer’s, according to new researches, affects adults to older, but this disease is commonly found in people around the age of 40 to 50s.

But Alzheimer’s is ubiquitous now are days, but doctors worldwide fail to explain how it affects younger people. Doctors are still researching this issue.

What Are The Causes Of Alzheimer’s?

There might be different types of Alzheimer’s, and they have various causes. According to doctors, there are many causes of Alzheimer which are as follows:


The researchers and doctors explain that the age factor is the most significant cause of Alzheimer’s and its attack on older than 65 years.

So age really matters in the case of Alzheimer’s. Sudden treatment can save you from a more difficult situation.

Family Health Background

Alzheimer's Causes & TreatmentThe family background really matters because family is heredity, and we always have some qualities due to families like nature, color, physical appearance, and health issues too.

So the other cause of Alzheimer’s is family health background. If you have this condition in your family, you should be very careful about it and take precautions.


Genetics is also another leading cause of Alzheimer’s, and it is very rarely found in Alzheimer’s cases. You don’t need to have Alzheimer’s due to only this reason, it just a bell of warning that you know that you are at high risk if you have the above condition.

Safety measures of Alzheimer

There always some to protect yourself from diseases. So precautions are always better than cure. According to research, there is no such treatment of Alzheimer but they recommend some brain-stimulating supplement can slow down its progression by decades.

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Some safety measures for Alzheimer are as follows:

So above some good habits can lead you toward a healthy life.

Treatments of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s diseases have no such proper treatment. Death cells never get alive.

But yes, some treatment makes it less serious, protects cells, and improves your lifestyle.

Many elements play a great role in treating Alzheimer’s, which are as follow:

  • Adopting healthy habits and control worsens the condition
  • There are many programs online, and offline that help you treating Alzheimer’s
  • Social media is great support and you can join some groups that help you a lot, also help in treating, diet and exercises.

Here are some medications and emotional wellbeing that help you in treating Alzheimer’s.

Medication Treatment Of Alzheimer’s

There is no such medication that specifically works for Alzheimer’s disease, but some medicines help improve it. These medicines can treat your symptoms and protect your cells.

Cholinesterase is a medicine that protects Alzheimer’s from a more serious situation. It helps in treating cognitive illnesses like focusing, memory loss, recognizing, and much more. They help in improving your brain progress and improve your brain health.

FDA approve some drugs that help in treating symptoms that make Alzheimer’s more serious.

  • To improve stages, Aricept is great for treating Alzheimer
  • for treating mild-to-moderate stages Razadyne and Exelon
  • other medicines that treat Alzheimer’s like Namenda, donepezil, and memantine

Emotion Treatments of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's Medical TreatmentThe patients with Alzheimer’s, emotional wellbeing is really important. It is really challenging to keep yourself emotionally strong. Alzheimer’s consumers can face depression, anxiety, improper sleeping, and other mental problem.

Treating emotionality can help you treat Alzheimer’s, and it also helps treat Alzheimer’s.

Do some exercise, like yoga and physical activities.

Many medications treat emotional wellbeing.

In some cases, a doctor may recommend medications for these symptoms, such as:

Antidepressants, antianxiety and antipsychotic drugs can boost you emotionally.

Final Conclusion:

Alzheimer’s is a serious illness. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this illness that makes people’s condition more serious and worsens, so above are some tips that can save you from severe conditions.

So keep your friends and family aware of this disease. If you notice symptoms, talk to a doctor as soon as possible because more time makes it more serious. Doctors help you treating Alzheimer’s. Remember, before trying any treatment, talk to a doctor to suits your condition.

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